Through vigorous mark-making and a conscious/unconscious approach to painting, my recent work reflects the freedom I'm seeking in letting go of visual imagery and reference. To embrace pure abstraction is a challenge and a joy, and is where my current art practice is focused.  Seeing Through the MistWhen the Mystery Asks the QuestionTaking Flight at DawnIf We Let Time Be SphericalThe Fragility of Any Given MomentFinding Your Way in the FogLeaning Into the WindMeditating on a QuestionMoments Closely HeldTrying to Grasp a TruthWhat Happens When You BreatheBalancing Air and WaterA Breath Away From Letting GoAfter Saying Goodbye on a Pale MorningSurfacing From ForgettingFin de l'étéFinding the Space Between ThoughtsBeyond the Shadow of a DoubtSeeking Reassurance