This portfolio is focused on landscape, with abstraction coming into play. Through isolating fragments of previous paintings, I want to reference an abstracted, energetic investigation of place. The images are meant to suggest to the viewer a sense of someplace he/she may or may not have been. Created with an unbridled palette and arresting titles, my intention is to ignite memory, question, and mystery about the personal and emotional places we seek.

Toby Island ReflectionsLuminous DepthsPlace of WonderSomehow the Light Comes ThroughA Conversation Among Lengthening ShadowsAfter the SolsticeWe Were There OnceWaiting to Cross OverDark ReflectionReaching for BeautyWondering About FlowA Question of ShadowsNew TerritoryI Dreamt of WaterRecurring DreamPlace of ReflectionFalling Into GraceIncoming TideDark Reflection IITiverton Sunrise (Marika's Morning Sky)Vermont ReflectionsDuck Brook MarshLaurel's SnowfieldMore SnowCold SkyComing CloseLate Light on the Marsh ILate Light on the Marsh IIBarrington SummerhouseImagined StormMarshlightBass Harbor ReflectionsGrey Day at the Beaver PondSand Beach Path (study)Bald Porcupine at DuskBass Harbor Marsh MemoryAngular Rocks, Somes SoundCairn ShadowFall Blueberry, Beech MountainSand Beach Path and the BeehiveShadow WalkRoad to the FjordColorado Twins