The work in this portfolio, created between 2005-2010, reflects my interest in posing visual questions regarding the nature of relationship— between natural elements, physical and emotional tension, images and metaphor. The large format drawings are informed by the sculptural work; the imagery speaks to the complexities of relationship. Through intimate combinations of appropriated objects, relative images and text, metaphor and meaning are created.

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Not Looking BackWhat Really MattersFlying Home (Back to Self)Je Dois PartirJe Dois Partir, detailGetting the MessageWrapping Up a Split Decision While Unravelling (sculpture) Wrapping Up a Split Decision While Unravelling (drawing)Unsafe Resting Place (sculpture)Unsafe Resting Place (drawing)Trust Gone AdriftTrust on the RocksTrust Gone Adrift, detailLittle Death PyreIt's Not What You ThoughtLittle Death Pyre, detailPile-upForgiveness BowerForgiveness Bower, detailA Tentative Embrace (sculpture + drawing installation)A Tentative Embrace (drawing)EntanglementIntimate Conversation (sculpture)Intimate Conversation (drawing)Little Rhodopian Mosswell (sculpture)Little Rhodopian Mosswell (drawing)Featherboat Journey (sculpture)Featherboat Journey (drawing)Nesting Fleecebox (drawing + sculpture)Binding AgreementBranch Shadows